Kardinia Sheep

Kardinia White Suffolk Stud

Flock No. 759


Kardinia White Suffolk Stud is a new enterprise in the Murrumbateman area. It was established in 2009 by Bernie Mickelson in consultation with Murray Long (Pendarra White Suffolk Stud). Purchasing Pendarra 5450/07 and 40 Ewes (already joined to Pendarra 5492/07 and DG350/08) Kardinia’s first drop of 18 rams and 22 ewes in 2010 produced some fantastic results.

The Pendarra ewes and 2010 Kardinia ewes were joined to Pendarra 5350 in Feb and June respectively and produced some lovely lambs in 2011. 

Update on 2015 rams

Rams are now ready for purchase. We have 15 flock rams for sale.

2016 drop is looking impressive.


  1. Breed rams that are suitable for first-cross production on the Southern  Tablelands.  Their main traits being  low birth weight  and fast growth rate.
  2. Introduce new genetics to the area and establish a stud to cater for small to medium size Merino producers as well as meat sheep farmers.
  3. Incorporate Lambplan into breeding program.